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Base Pricing for Pet Portrait Commissions

(These are base prices for standard sized  canvases...paintings are not limited to these sizes.  I will be able to give you an exact price 

 quote once we've touched base & I can determine the complexity and time involved in the project :)

Oil Painting
8" x 10"
10" x 10"
11" x 14"

 16" x 20"



 20" X 24"  


*Please email me for prices on smaller or larger sizes

** Additional pets or full backgrounds will be a bit extra depending on the complexity / time involved

                                               ** Shipping prices range from $15 to $50 depending on the size and destination of the portrait 

                                      *** My Paintings are created on stretched or wood canvases and are completely finished on the sides & come ready
                                                       to hang No additional frame is needed


Photos of Your Pet

I will be creating your painting or drawing by working from a photo that you provide me & will need a nice clear pic of your pet to work from.  It helps a great deal for me to be able to see the details of your pet's unique features so it really needs to be a good quality shot of your pet.

If you have a photo that you would like to use but aren't sure if its going to be the right quality or pose I will be happy to look at it in advance. When possible; it is best if your light source is natural, not a camera flash as this tends to wash out the subject and it is sometimes difficult for me to see details.  You can send me as many pics as you like and I will be happy to work with you and help decide which pose will work best for the portrait.

 If it is a memorial portrait, you can send me what you have.  If I have several pics to work with, it will really help even if they aren't perfect.   

You can email pics to me at: lisa@dreamdog9.com




Don't hesitate to e-mail me with questions or specifics regarding a portrait :)
I am happy to work with you in any way possible to provide you with a cherished portrait of you pet






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